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Name Field Affiliation Position Junior/Senior Publications Links
Nicolae Gârleanu asset pricing, financial innovations California U. Berkeley Associate Professor Senior ""Pricing and Portfolio Choice in Illiquid Markets"" Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 144 (2009), no. 2, pp. 532-564.//""Demand-Based Option Pricing"" (with Lasse Heje Pedersen and Allen Poteshman) Review of Financial Studies, vol. 22 (2009), no. 10, pp. 4259-4299.
http://www2.haas.berkeley.edu/Faculty/garleanu_nicolae.aspx; http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/garleanu/
Nicu Popescu European eastern neighbourhood policy; Moldova European Council on Foreign Relations Senior Research Fellow Senior “Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?”, ECRF Policy Brief, 24 August 2008, Nicu Popescu, Mark Leonard and Andrew Wilson./“Internationalizing the Georgia-Abkhazia Conflict Resolution Process: Why a Greater European Role is Needed“, GMF Policy Brief; Ron Asmus, Svante E. Cornell, Antje Herrberg, and Nicu Popescu, June 2008.
http://ecfr.eu/content/profile/C28/; http://www.policy.hu/npopescu/; http://npopescu.unimedia.md/biografie/
Oana Dan political sociology, public opinion, civil society Harvard U. Ph.D. candidate Sociology Junior Ph.D. topic: Influence of elite discourse on public opinion in the European Union over time and across countries.
http://www.wjh.harvard.edu/soc/gs/Dan_Oana/; http://www.ces.fas.harvard.edu/people/p170.html
Oana Gogioiu youth policy Europuls Permanent collaborator Website articles
U Paris II
Oana Lup democracy studies, transition CEU Ph.D. candidate Political Science Senior Ph.D. topic: The Transformation of Social Network Structure in Democratic Transition: Does it Influence Individual Political Behavior?//Paper prepared for the Annual Doctoral Conference, 13-14 April, Budapest, 2008: When do alters’ influence matters? An analysis of the political relevance of personal networks in Hungary
Octavian Carare observational learning, product demand Maryland U. Assistant Professor Senior Perotti, Enrico C. and Carare, Octavian, The Evolution of Bank Credit Quality in Transition Theory and Evidence From Romania (October 1996). CERT Discussion Paper No. 97/2//Carare, Octavian and Mares, Vlad N., Relative Performance Auctions (July 20, 2010).
http://advanced.jhu.edu/academic/applied-economics/faculty/; http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=30721
Octavian Ionici financial policy American U. , Kogod School of Business Executive in Residence Senior Octavian Ionici, Kenneth Small, Steve Kramer, Applying real options analysis to value the GM-Fiat strategic joint venture, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, Volume 2, Number 4 / 2009; Small, K. W., Ionici, O. E., Zhu, H., Size does matter: An examination of the economic impactof Sarbanes-Oxley, Review of Business, 27, Summer, (2007), p. pp. 47-55.
Olga Nicoara institutions and development, entrepreneurship George Mason U./CADI Ph.D. candidate economics/research associate Junior Mercatus Policy Essay No.05, Summer 2010, Understand Institutions and Institutional Change in Weak Post-Soviet Democracies: The Case of “Doing Business” Reforms in Moldova
Ovidiu Bujorean entrepreneurship Rudyard Partners Senior Associate Junior Rapoarte UNDP, project manager
http://openwetware.org/wiki/Ovidiu_Bujorean; http://www.rudyardpartners.com/general-partners/ovi-bujorean/; http://www.thecapitalnetwork.org/about.advisors.OBujorean.php
Radu Oprea local policy, participative democracy Dunarea de Jos U. Ph.D. candidate Economics Junior Ph.D. topic: Entrepreneurship in Times of Economic and Financial Crisis. Methods of adaptation and survival.
http://publicpolicy.pepperdine.edu/alumni/blogs/; http://raduoprea.eu/en/