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Name Field Affiliation Position Junior/Senior Publications Links
Radu Tatucu international development, social entrepreneurship Harvard U./GRSP Society MPP student/president Senior Gill, Indermit S.; Ozer, Ceren; Tatucu, Radu, What Can Countries in Other Regions Learn from Social Security Reform in Latin America?, World Bank Research Observer, Volume 23, Issue 1, March 2008//Co-author chapter 1, An overview. An East Asian renaissance. Ideas for economic growth. Indermit Gill, Homi Kharas, 2007 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
http://www.grspsociety.org/member/radu-tatucu; http://www.kokkalisfoundation.gr/page.ashx?pid=14&aid=376&cid=15&qcid=71; https://www.fundatiadinupatriciu.ro/ro/program_detalii/2/203/Comunitate/user/radu_tatucu
Raluca Maria Popa gender equality CEU/Center for Policy Studies Ph.D. Candidate/Junior Research Fellow Senior MA dissertation CEU (2003) Socialism and Gender (In)equality : Gender Relations in Socialist Theory and in the Context of Late Socialist Family and Reproductive Policies in Hungary, Poland and Romania/“Women Activists from Hungary and Romania in the International Women’s Year (1975): Translating Equality between Women and Men across Cold War Divides” in Shana Penn and Jill Massino (eds.) Gender and Everyday Life under State Socialism in East and Central Europe: New Scholarship from the United States and Europe (Palgrave, forthcoming 2009).
Raluca Pop cultural policies CEU MA Public Policy graduate Junior MA dissertation CEU (2011) Advocacy Initiatives for Public Culture and Democratic Vision in Transition Countries: Experiences from Romania.
Raluca Viman-Miller migration, democratization, electoral behavior Georgia State U. Ph.D. candidate Political Science Senior Ph.D. Dissertation: “A Transformative Effect of Migration on Tolerance? Theory Building on Democratic Learning with Empirical Investigation in Romania”/Fesnic, Florin N. and Viman-Miller, Raluca, What Drives the Vote for the Extreme Right? Absolute Vs. Relative Deprivation (2009). APSA 2009 Toronto Meeting Paper.
http://www2.gsu.edu/~wwwpol/Raluca_Viman-Miller_201008_Ph.D.doc; http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=1394415
Ramona Stone health policies, family and child welfare Kentucky U. Associate Professor Senior Stone, R., Hendrix, S. (2010) “Evaluation of the Youth Alcohol Initiative Program in the „Bourbon Country‟ of Kentucky” Journal of Social Research & Policy Vol. 2010, No. 1//Stone, R., Barbee, A., Patrick, D. (2007) “An Approach to Housing for the Poor in the United States: HOPE VI Revitalization in the Clarksdale Neighborhood” Social Work Review, Bucharest, Romania Vol. 2007 No. 3-4
Ramona Uniță european funding AdminConsult/CEU Manager/MA Public Policy graduate Junior MA dissertation (2006) Joining the EU's multi-level system of governance - Is there an East European model of regionalization? The case of Hungary and Romania
http://publicpolicy.ceu.hu/studies/ma-theses-0506 ; http://www.finantare-fonduri.ro/index4.html
Razvan Pascalau applied econometrics SUNY Plattsburgh Assistant Professor of Economics Senior Gregoriou, G. N. and Pascalau, R. (2010). Selecting Prior Year's Top Fund of Hedge Funds as This Year's Choice, The Journal of Wealth Management, Vol. 13, No. 2: pp. 69-75//Gregoriou, G.N. and R. Pascalau (eds.) Financial Econometrics Modelling: Market Microstructure Dynamics, Single and Multifactor Pricing Models and Financial Risk Measures, Palgrave-MacMillan,2011.
http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu/razvan.pascalau; http://www.plattsburgh.edu/academics/economics/faculty/pascalau.php; http://www.cba.ua.edu/~rpascala/
Razvan Vlaicu political economy, development Maryland U. Assistant Professor Senior Democracy, Credibility and Clientelism, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, October 2008, 24 (2), pp. 371-406, with Philip Keefer.;
Réka Plugor education; labour markets Leicester U. PhD candidate/Research assistant Junior MA dissertation CEU (2009) Transitions from higher education to the world of work
Rodica Moroi Roma, education Roma Education Fund Consultant Junior MA dissertaion CEU (2007) The Moldovan and Latvian path towards democratic market society : focus on identity politics/
http://www.romaeducationfund.hu/ref-headquarters-hungary; http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=27390289&authType=name&authToken=ghE5&locale=en_US&pvs=pp&pohelp=&trk=ppro_viewmore