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Name Field Affiliation Position Junior/Senior Publications Links
Roland Muller CEU MA Public Policy graduate MA disertation (2006) Rationales for corporate social responsibility in the telecommunications domain: the cases of Magyar Telekom Group and Tele2 Hungary
Roland Muller telecommunications policy; corporate social responsibility International Labour Organization/CEU Policy & Communication Officer/MA Public Policy graduate Junior MA dissertation (2006) Rationales for corporate social responsibility in the telecommunications domain: the cases of Magyar Telekom Group and Tele2 Hungary
http://publicpolicy.ceu.hu/studies/ma-theses-0506 ; www.personal.ceu.hu/students/05/Roland_Muller/resume.doc
Romona Uniță CEU MA Public Policy graduate MA disertation (2006) Joining the EU's multi-level system of governance - Is there an East European model of regionalization? The case of Hungary and Romania
Roxana Barbulescu job mobility, identity construction, organizational behaviour McGill U. Assistant Professor Senior Ibarra, Herminia and Roxana Barbulescu. 2010. Identity as narrative: Prevalence, effectiveness and consequences of narrative identity work in macro work role transitions. Academy of Management Review, 35(1): 135-154./Barbulescu, Roxana. 2005. Playing by the rules: A social network perspective on preparing for radical career change. In K. Mark Weaver (ed.), Proceedings of the Sixty-fifth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.
Roxana Barbulescu migration European University Institute Ph.D. candidate Political and Social Science Junior Ph.D. topic: The Effect of Europeanization on the Social Integration of the 'New' EU Nationals in Europe
http://eui.academia.edu/RoxanaBarbulescu; http://eudo-citizenship.eu/people/consortium-members/195-barbulescu-roxana
Roxana Botea defense policy, international security, counterterrorism Maxwell School Syracuse U. Ph.D. candidate Political Science/Teaching Assistant Senior Taylor, Brian. and Botea, Roxana. ""Does War Make the State? or Just the European State?"" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Marriott, Loews Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, Aug 31, 2006// Brian D. Taylor and Roxana Botea, ―Tilly Tally: War-Making and State-Making in the Contem-porary Third World,‖ International Studies Review 10.1 (March 2008), 27–56, 28.
Roxana Bratu EU funds, anticorruption LSE Ph.D. candidate Junior Ph.D. topic: Actors, practices and network of corruption: the case of Romania's accession to EU funds
Roxana Toma Postolache industrial organization, public economics Capital U. Assistant Professor Economics and Finance Junior Ph.D. dissertation: The Corporate Merger Phenomenon: Determinants And Changes In Merger Policies Evidence For Acquiring Firms 1986 – 1998//
Ruxandra Paul EU enlargement, international migration Harvard U. Ph.D. candidate Political Science Junior Ph.D. topic: Socio-political consequences of transnational migration for the migrants' countries of origin
Ruxandra Visan labor economics CEU Research Assistant Senior MA diseration CEU (2002) Gross Job Flows in Romania, Industry Versus Service Sector/ Earle, John S., Brown, J. David, Gimpelson, Vladimir, Kapeliushnikov, Rostislav, Lehmann, Hartmut F., Telegdy, Almos, Vantu, Irina, Visan, Ruxandra and Voicu, Alexandru, Nonstandard Forms and Measures of Employment and Unemployment in Transition: A Comparative Study of Estonia, Romania, and Russia. Upjohn Institute Staff Working Paper No. 06-127
http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=583025#; http://www.econus.ma.ceu.hu/?q=node/5 ; http://www.iza.org/en/webcontent/personnel/vitae/voicu_cv.pdf