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Name Field Affiliation Position Junior/Senior Publications Links
Stefan Cibian CEU PhD candidate/MA Public Policy Graduate MA disertation (2006) Foreign aid in disarray: theoretical gaps and policy failures
Stefan Cibian development policy, international relations; higher education CEU PhD candidate/Teaching Assistant Senior MA dissertation (2006) Foreign aid in disarray: theoretical gaps and policy failures; 2008 – ―An International Relations Theory Perspective on Development Aid and Its Role in Shaping the Post-1945 World Order,‖ pp. 149-183, in EuroPolis, Journal of Political Analysis and Theory, No.3/2008.
http://publicpolicy.ceu.hu/studies/ma-theses-0506 ; http://www.ceu.hu/cibian
Stefan Dorondel rural development; postsocialist land reforms Max Planck Institute for Social Antropology/Institutul de Antropologie Bucuresti Co-operation Partner/Researcher (current) Social Security and Local State in Postsocialist Village in Southern Romania//2009 Property, Access, and State Legitimacy:Emergent Political Orders in Albanian and Romanian Forests. Development and Change 40(1): 171-193 (with Thomas Sikor and Johannes Stahl)//2005 The ‘Voices’ of the Romanian Integration into EU: Land and Environmental Practices in a Village from Dobroudja. The Anthropology of East Europe Review 23(2): 30-40.
Stela Garaz democratization; ethnic politics CEU PhD candidate/Teaching Assistant Senior “The Impact of the Horizontal Concentration of Power on Ethnic Mobilization in Post-Soviet Georgia”, in G. Elftherakis et.al (eds.), Infusing Research and Knowledge in South East Europe, Proceedings of the Fourth Annual South East European Doctoral Student Conference, Vol. 2, Thessaloniki, 2009.// Determining and Explaining the Differences in Governmental Policies towards the Ethnic Minorities in the Baltic States and Moldova – BalticStudyNet Working Papers 4/2006.
Suzana Dobre Public Policy Romanian Academic Society Expert
Timea Pal political economy MIT Ph.D. candidate Political Science Junior Ph.D. topic: Integrating governance systems in Central and Eastern Europe: social and environmental responsibility in the electronics industry//
Todor Arpad e-Government European University Institute Ph.D. candidate Junior Ph.D. topic: Software Industry Evolution in Central and Eastern Europe
Valentin Ariton development policies, public administration reforms Hertie School of Governance
Valentina Dimulescu EU justice and internal affairs, EU institutional policy, EU competition law, EU foreign policy Central European University (CEU), Budapest; Zentrum fur Europaeische Integrationsforschung (ZEI), Bonn MA Political Science graduate Junior "Tribunes or Specialists? An Analysis of the Romanian MEPs' Questions", CEU Political Science Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, February 2011. http://www.ceu.hu/sites/default/files/field_attachment/page/node-22181/vol-61.pdf "The Institution of Presidential Impeachment in Semi-Presidential Systems: Case Study of Romania", Europolis: Journal of Political Science and Theory, Vol. 4. No. 7, July 2010. http://europolis.politicalanalysis.ro/files/europolis72010.pdf “Migrants at the gates: The external dimension of the EU’s migration policy in the South Mediterranean”, Interdisciplinary Political Studies, Vol. 1, No. 2, November 2011. http://www.idps.unisi.it/issue2/39/migrants-at-the-gates-the-external-dimension-of-the-eu-s-migration-policy-in-the-south-mediterranean Other: Policy memo: (cu Andrei Avram) „Banali în UE. Politica românească de redobândire a cetăţeniei în comparaţie cu alte state din UE”, CRPE Policy Memo nr. 22, iulie 2011. Preluat în The Economist: E. Lucas, “Your (Romanian) passport”, 1 august, 2011. http://www.crpe.ro/library/files/policy_memo_22_ultima.pdf http://www.crpe.ro/eng/library/files/crpe_policy_memo_22.pdf http://www.economist.com/blogs/easternapproaches/2011/08/romania-and-citizenship „Un pas înainte? O interpretare neofuncţionalistă a modificărilor din cadrul PESC şi PESA aduse de Tratatul de la Lisabona”, în Sergiu Gherghina, George Jiglău, Ovidiu Pecican, Flore Pop (eds.) Ce aduce nou Tratatul de la Lisabona?, Cluj: Presa Universitară Clujeană, 2010. „Cazurile antitrust şi angajamentele în sectorul energetic”, ROEC, Petroleum Industry Review Magazine, October 2011. http://www.petroleumreview.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=51&Itemid=204
Valeriu Omer labor economics ERS Group Research Economist/PhD Senior PhD thesis (2005) Wage Growth, Search and Experience: Theory and Evidence; MA dissertation (1999) In Search for a Stable Money Demand Function for Transition Economies. The Case of Hungary and Romania
http://www.ersgroup.com/staff_bio_omev.asp; http://www.econ.ceu.hu/?q=node/91