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Name Field Affiliation Position Junior/Senior Publications Links
Alexandru Voicu labor economics City University of New York/Institute for the Study of Labor Doctoral Faculty/Research Fellow Senior “Employment Dynamics in the Romanian Labor Market. A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach” Journal of Comparative Economics 33 (3), September 2005, pp 604-639./The Effect of the Timing and Spacing of Births on the Level of Labor Market Involvement of Married Women by Kenneth Troske, Alexandru Voicu, 2009, IZA Discussion Paper 4417
http://www.iza.org/en/webcontent/personnel/photos/index_html?key=625; http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/~pep/voicu.htm
Alin Chindea migration Europuls/International Organization for Migration Permanent collaborator/ Regional Project Assistant MA disertation CEU(2006)Enhancing the benefits of migrant workers? remittances in Romania: drawing lessons from Latin America; articole website
U Babeş-Bolyai/politici publice CEE
Alin Cristian Mituţa agricultural policy; energy policy; environment policy; EU institutional policy Europuls/European Parliament Agriculture and regional development, Energy and environment coordinator Website articles
SNSPA//U Paris X//Science Po//asistent eurodeputat
Alina Barnett (fosta Grigoras) monetary economics Bank of England Economist Senior MA dissertation CEU (2001) Inflation Targeting; The Effects of EU Shocks on the Macrovariables of the Newly Acceded Countries - A Sign Restriction Approach A Barnett International Journal of Finance and Economics, August 2007
http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/research/staff/alina_barnett.htm; www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/economics/staff/phd.../am.barnett_cv.pdf
Alina Gîrbea social policy Europuls/European Parliament Society coordinator Website articles
FSP, U Bucuresti//ULB//Science Po//consilier Cristian Preda
Alina Sorescu financial impact of marketing activities, branding Texas A&M U. Associate Professor of Marketing/Associate Director of the Marketing PhD Program Senior Sorescu, Alina and Jelena Spanjol (2008), “Innovation’s Effect on Firm Value and Risk: Insights from Consumer Packaged Goods,” Journal of Marketing, 72(2), 114-132.//Sorescu, Alina, Venkatesh Shankar and Tarun Kushwaha (2007), “New Product Preannouncements and Shareholder Value: Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep,” Journal of Marketing Research, 44(3), 468-489.
Alina Szabo environmental policy; natural resource management CEU PhD candidate Senior Szabo, E.A., Lawrence, A., Iusan, C. and Canney, S. 2008. Participatory protected area management – a case study from Rodna Mountains National Park, Romania. The International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management, Vol. 4, No. 4: 187-199. // Lawrence, A. and Szabo, E.A. 2005. Forest Restitution in Romania: Challenging the Value Systems of Foresters and Farmers. Proceedings of Scientific Symposium European Forests in Ethical Discourse. Berlin, Germany.
Ana Cosima Rughinis Roma, segregation Bucuresti U., Fac Sociologie Associate Professor Senior Rughinis, Cosima (2010). Quantitative tales of ethnic differentiation. Measuring and using Roma / Gypsy ethnicity in statistical analyses. Ethnic and Racial Studies. Publicat online, 14 octombrie 2010//Rughinis, Cosima (2010). The forest behind the bar charts. Bridging survey data and community studies about the Roma/Ţigani in present-day Romania. In Patterns of Prejudice, 44: 4, 337 - 367
https://sites.google.com/site/cosimarughinis/contact; http://www.policy.hu/fellows/anarughinis; http://www.unibuc.ro/prof/rughinis_a_c/index.php; https://sites.google.com/site/cosimarughinis/contact
Ana Otilia Nutu Infrastructure Romanian Academic Society Expert
Andrea Gereoffy CEU MA Public Policy graduate MA disertation (2006) The influence of European integration on Hungary's migration policies