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Name Field Affiliation Position Junior/Senior Publications Links
Daniela Spînu migration Europuls/FSP U Bucuresti Permanent collaborator Website articles
FSP U Bucuresti/Erasmus ULB
Delia Alexandru Popescu comparative political theory, Eastern European political theory LeMoyne College Professor Senior Popescu, Delia. ""Havel's Anti-politics: Human Rights, Czech Dissidence and Democratic Reconstruction"" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Theory vs. Policy? Connecting Scholars and Practitioners, New Orleans Hilton Riverside Hotel, The Loews New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA, Feb 17, 2010/Delia A. Popescu ""State and Felon: Individual Culpability as State Policy in Communist Romania"", Associtation for Political Theory, College Station Conference, Texas, 2009, 22-24 Oct.
Denisa Maria Sologon labour economics, earning dinamics Maastricht U./CEPS/IZA Researcher Senior Sologon, Denisa M. 2009. Earnings dynamics and inequality among men in Luxembourg, 1988-2004: Evidence from administrative data. MGSOG Working Series (December).//Sologon, Denisa M., and O'Donoghue, Cathal. 2009. Earnings dynamics and inequality among men across 14 EU countries: evidence from ECHP. IZA Working Series, No. 4012 (February).
http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/web/Schools/MGSoG/Thema1/AboutUs/Staff/AffiliatedResearchers/DenisaMariaSologon.htm; http://www.iza.org/en/webcontent/personnel/vitae/5001_cv.pdf
Diana Gabor social policy Gazeta de Cluj Reporter social Junior MA dissertation CEU (2009) Frame Analysis of Maternity Leave Policies in Post-Socialist Romania
http://publicpolicy.ceu.hu/studies/ma-theses-0809; http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=42899867&authType=name&authToken=tER1&locale=en_US&pvs=pp&pohelp=&trk=ppro_viewmore
Diana Ioana Toda european integration Peace Corps Romania Assistant Junior MA dissertation CEU(2008) Assessing the Effects of European Integration: Europeanizing the Romanian Party System?
http://publicpolicy.ceu.hu/studies/ma-theses-0708; http://www.peacecorps.ro/about/staff-biographies/country-directors-office/; http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=95766702&authType=name&authToken=R-xC&locale=en_US&pvs=pp&pohelp=&trk=ppro_viewmore
Diana Tipei social policy Europuls Permanent collaborator Website articles; proiect SDW: ""România: vecin îndepărtat sau rampă de lansare profesională?""
U Eberhard-Karl din Tübingen//bursier SDW(Fundatia Economiei Germane)//
Doru Franţescu democratization Europuls/Qvorum/Votewatch.eu Permanent collaborator/Director/Co-founder n/a
U Bucuresti/asistent eurodeputat
Dumbrava Costica citizenship, ethnicity, migration European University Institute Ph.D. candidate Political and Social Science Senior 2010. How illiberal are citizenship rules in European Union countries? RSCAS Working Papers 2010/50, EUDO Citizenship Observatory./2007. ""Citizenship Regulations in Eastern Europe. Acquisition of Citizenship at Birth and through Regular Naturalization in Sixteen Postcommunist Countries."" CEU Political Science Journal 2 (4):450-72.
http://costicadumbrava.home.ro/; http://eudo-citizenship.eu/people/consortium-members/189-dumbrava-costica; http://eui.academia.edu/CosticaDumbrava; http://costicadumbrava.blogspot.com/p/my-schools.html
Elena Darina Lepadatu post-communist societies, sociology of work and organizations Kennesaw State U. Associate Director/Assistant Professor of Sociology Senior International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 12, Lepadatu, Darina, Theorizing Teamwork: A Classical Sociological Approach, pp.85-90//Darina Lepadatu, “Theorizing Teamwork: A Classical Sociological Approach” 8th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, Cambridge University, UK, August 5-8, 2008.
http://scj.hss.kennesaw.edu/about/faculty-staff/darina-lepadatu/; http://www.kennesaw.edu/scj/docs/Newsletter/fa08.pdf; http://darinalepadatu1.cgpublisher.com/
Elena-Claudia Moise financial crises, asset pricing, market microstructure Case Western Reserve U./ Chicago U. Assistant Professor of Finance Senior Working Paper: Banks and Financial Crises (with CNV Krishnan), 2010//Nonpoint Source Runoff Modeling: A Comparison of a Forested Watershed and an Urban Watershed on the SC Coast (with C. Corbett, M. Wahl, D. Porter and D. Edwards), J. of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 213: 133-149, 1997//Ph.D. dissertation (2006) Stochastic Volatility and Stock Returns: Evidence from Microstructure Data
http://weatherhead.case.edu/faculty/profiles/profile.cfm?idDM=327757; http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/faculty/facultyindex.cgi?id=572