Rationales For Corporate Social Reponsibility In The Telecommunications Domain: The Cases Of Magyar Telekom Group And Tele2 Hungary

The aim of the current research is to answer the following questions: Why
do telecommunications corporations engage in CSR activities? Which are the
incentive structures that determine some telecom corporations to be more active
than others in the field of CSR? It will be argued that telecommunications
corporations who 1) have considerable sunk costs, 2) experience low real
product differentiation in relation with the competitors, 3) put a strong emphasis
on the importance of public image and 4) face regulatory burdens have a
stronger incentive structure for adopting CSR practices. This thesis will
investigate the rationales for corporate social responsibility in the
telecommunications sector through an empirical analysis of the CSR rationales in
the cases of Magyar Telekom and Tele2 Hungarian telecom operators.

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