PolSci, vol 5, no 1 – 2005: “De la democratizare la politică normală”

PolSci, vol 5, no 1 – 2005

Sumar si Rezumate (doar in limba engleza):
1. Foreword
2. Democratization without decommunization – by Alina Mungiu Pippidi
3. Are the Balkan Eu candidates different? – by Michael Ardovino
4. The “normalisation” of party systems and voting behavior in Eastern Europe – by Daniel Boschler
5. Social actors in a political game. The Romanian political elite and democratization 1989-2000 – by Irina Culic
6. Post-communist political symbolism – by Cosmina Tanasoiu
7. Public-private partnership between euphoria and disillsionment – by Dieter Angerer and Gerhard Hammerschmid
8. Polsci Lectures – “”Do we really know how to promote democracy”? by Francis Fukuyama

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