03.2012: Constantin Vică – “Why the Romanian Parliament should not ratify ACTA”

The report analyses the main problems of ACTA with a special focus on risks and socio-economic implications. It starts by analyzing procedural problems (negotiations and interpretation of the agreement), then it switches to substantial topics of ACTA like the terminology, the lack of definitions for intellectual property rights infringements, the criminal offences without safeguards, the risk of violating fundamental rights (like freedom of speech and privacy rights), the social and economic risks (chilling effect on innovation, an unforeseeable economic environment, etc.), the implications for Romanian foreign policy and Romania relationship with diasporas.

As a result of this analysis, the report states that ACTA ratification in Romanian Parliament is undesirable. Also, the report recommends Romanian state to ask for impact studies (social and economic) on ACTA and for studies concerning the role of intellectual property in Romania. It also recommends Romanian state to correctly inform Romanian citizens about international agreements and to have a closer cooperation with civil society on important issues like this one.

The report is written in Romanian, available here.

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