06.12.2011: Monday Policy Tea-talk- a bi-monthly event at RAS

This Monday, December 5th, the Romanian Academic Society has begun the series of Monday Policy Tea Talks starting with the topic of education with a debate on one of the RAS projects: “Systems of ensuring quality in primary education in South-Eastern Europe: What works in our region?” The project was presented by Corina Murafa, project coordinator, MA Public Policy- Hertie School of Governance. The project wishes to answer questions like:

  • To what extent are the quality insurance systems from the primary and secondary education in the seven countries offering adequate standards of quality? If not, what is the cause and how can we solve this deficit?
  • What are the responsibility and accountability relations between institutional actors within the given system and which of these factors is dysfunctional, leading to a poor quality of the education systems?
  • How can we transform the governance of ensuring quality in primary education systems, in order to maintain quality for all social and economic categories, including the less advantaged ones?

The policy talk took place at RAS and was moderated by RAS President, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi.. The participants shared ideas starting from the project, offering their informed feedback from their field of interest.

The Romanian Academic Society invites public policy experts twice a month, on Mondays at 4 p.m., with the purpose of discussing research in progress from public policy area. Our aim is to create an informal public policy community, a community able to professionally discuss solutions to main public policy problems we are facing, able to inform itself regarding the current research and to receive feedback related to their work or to other advanced solutions from public policy field.

The purpose of Monday Policy Tea-talk is to unite researchers willing to share the results of their research from different areas of interest, willing to communicate and discuss these topics with other experts. Our belief is that the evolution of research in a certain domain cannot be accounted for without certain interactions and debates since different discussions and opinions bring some added value to the process of developing a project or a paper. This is the context in which RAS wishes to create a friendly environment where relevant discussions can lead to the formation of a real professional community. You are welcomed at our meetings!

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