Increasing Accountability in Public Administration and Strengthening the Capacity of the National Integrity Agency (2009-2011)

The project’s main objective is to enhance the institutional competence of the National Integrity Agency and to promote a better understanding of the current regulations among the civil servants who are responsible with implementing them.


  • Drafting guides on the applicability of the incompatibilities and conflicts of interests regime for civil servants and public dignitaries, on a local, national and county level;
  • Updating the Guide on Filling in Assets and Interests Statements and publishing it on the “” website;
  • Organizing five seminars for updating integrity inspectors in the field;
  • Organizing 20 workshops to promote a better understanding of current regulations, among the civil servants responsible with enforcing them;
  • Amending and improving the Work Procedure Handbook with respect to the control of assets and interests statements and identifying incompatibilities and conflicts of interest.

The project was financed by EEA Grants, via the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Community and via MATRA-KAP, developed by the Embassy of Netherlands in Bucharest.

Beneficiary: The National Integrity Agency

Implemented between April 2009-April 2011

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