About SAR

The Romanian Academic Society (RAS)  is the longest-standing think tank in Romania. Established in 1996 as an academic association of reputable figures, throughout the years it has operated as a public policy research institute, a leading force in the promotion of good governance, a consultant of the Romanian Government and of other governments, a long-haul partner during the transition and state reform processes for the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union, pre- and post-accession. Throughout the years, we have had partners who supported our ideas, activism and research projects.

SAR’s most resounding successes, from the Law of Free Access to Information to the enforcement of the flat tax, were all self-funded. The Coalition for a Clean Parliament was a voluntary project. Our good governance activities have been undertaken voluntarily for several years now and they are run through the Alliance for a Clean Romania. Such action is indispensable on the Romanian scene, where collective action is still deficient, despite the fact that it forms the basis of every realistic option for change.

Aside from its involvement in good governance coalitions, the RAS mission reflects all those things left unfinished after 20 years of efforts and numerous successes. Namely, RAS aims to create an evidence based policy-making framework by:

  • providing public policy training for young experts in the state, profit and non-profit sectors, for civil servants, for political figures and for the academia, via informed debates, public policy analysis seminars organized in cooperation with our international partners, as well as original research projects;
  • promoting realistic, democratic-consultation-based solutions to public policy issues in public forums;
  • contributing to good governance and development through our policy research;
  • contributing to the European integration of Romania, Western Balkan countries and Moldova through transfer of best practices and advocacy;
  • enhancing the contribution of independent policy institutes to the process of policy formulation through advocacy and public debate;
  • contributing to the (re)building of the applied social sciences and public policy fields in Romania and South-Eastern Europe, after fifty years of communism.

RAS does not promote a certain ideology. We believe that evidence based policy-making is non-ideologic, although we believe it cannot function without such values as individualism, the observance of human rights and social solidarity. RAS is an open institution for all those who meet our academic standards, based on a network of over one hundred experts hailing from Romania and international academic institutions.

We also take pride in our Dan Perjovschi-designed logos.

Find more about RAS here: SAR: Ten years and more.

In 2012, RAS was audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.


  • Alina Mungiu Pippidi (Professor, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin), alinamp@sar.org.ro

The Board

  • Aurora Liiceanu (Senior researcher, Institute of Criminology, Bucharest)
  • Anca Harasim (Executive director, AmCham Romania)
  • Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (Professor, Hertie School of Governance and Director of the European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building, Berlin)
  • Sorin Paveliu (Lecturer, Pharmacology Department, Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest)
  • Mădălina Doroftei (Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of International Economic Relations, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest)

The Team

  • Simona Ernu (MA in Human Resources Management) – Executive Director and Project Coordinator University Change Through Student Engagement and Exchange
  • Alin Bărbănțan (MA in US History and Politics) – Project Assistant “Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection
  • Radu Bușneag (MA in Communication and Public Relations) – Editorial Coordinator of the “Clean Romania” online platform and Technical Coordonator and manager of the Ask the State online platform
  • Alexandra Buzatu – Chief Accountant
  • Valentina-Andreea Dimulescu (MA in Political Science, CEU; MA, European Integration Studies, ZEI) – ANTICORRP project coordinator
  • Mihai Dragoș (MA in Psychology) – Coordinator of the Alliance for a Clean Romania 
  • Dr. iur. Bogdan Iancu – Project manager, “Governance/Government: The Constitutional Semantics of Autonomy”, a research project funded by the CNCS, The Investigative Research Projects-2011 Ideas Program
  • Doina Lazăr –Office Manager
  • Andreea Petruţ (MA in Management of Political Organizations) – Project Assistant “University Change Through Student Engagement and Exchange”

Affiliated experts

  • Valentin Ariton, MA Public Policy (Hertie School of Governance) – European policies
  • Ioana Avădani, MA Anthropology (SNSPA) – media policies
  • Raluca Iacob, MA Public Policy (CEU) – cultural policies
  • Andrei Macsut, MA in Economy, State and Society (UCL)  – public policies
  • Corina Murafa, MA Public Policy (Hertie School of Governance) – energy policies
  • Victoria Stoiciu – social and migration policies
  • Ovidiu Olar, PhD History (École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Centre d’études byzantines, néo-helléniques et sud-est européennes), researcher “Nicolae Iorga” History Institute
  • Clara Volintiru, Phd in Government Studies (LSE), PhD in Economics and International Affairs (Academy of Economic Studies, Romania) – economic policies

SAR’s founding members list