The ACCEPT PLURALISM project addresses the need to explore and understand tolerance of ethnical, racial and religious diversity in European communities, also seeking to identify key points to be highlighted for public decision-makers.

Specifically, the project studies:

  • Types of tolerance in 14 UE member states and in one aspirant state.
  • The meaning of tolerance. What is the connection between multiculturalism, liberalism, pluralism and preserving the national heritage?
  • The kinds of conflicts and misunderstandings related to ethnical, racial and religious diversity occur in contemporary European societies. What are the customary norms and practices?
  • The kinds of arrangements and practices created by authorities when such a conflict erupts and their success rate
  • The policies and practices that must be created so that European societies become more tolerant to cultural diversity

Following this analysis, the project will generate key messages for European decision-makers, civil society and minorities.

The project will review the outcomes of empirical research and of specialized literature. Moreover, original empirical studies in two fields of research and public policies will be elaborated:

  • Matters related to the educational field (language, student behavior, teaching history, configuration of the educational system)
  • Politics (special representation for the minorities, liberal demands sent out by minorities, transnational political representation)

The project contains a series of working packages. Each package has a period of implemention of approximately six months.

Financed by: The European Commission, FP 7

Implementation period: March 2010 – May 2013


See further details on the project launch here.


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