The Alliance for a Clean Romania (2010-2012)

The Alliance for a Clean Romania is a civic initiative open to everybody who promotes the principles of good government and is willing to invest volunteer work, or offer their support by endorsing this idea – individuals, NGOs, unions, companies or institutions.

We plan to promote in practice the principles of good government:

  • The government serves the citizen, not the other way around;
  • A nation is a community of individuals equal before the law;
  • For the prosperity of a country, it is necessary that the government enforces the law;
  • All steps of the decision-making process must be transparent, from adopting a resolution to implementing it;
  • Common goods and services are equally and impartially shared, without favoring the members of a political party or a group of interests;
  • The government must be impartial towards private agents and must ensure them equal development conditions;
  • In order to ensure economic growth, the government must allow the development of entrepreneurial attitudes, by reducing bureaucratic and operational costs for companies to a minimum, by simplifying the taxation system and by enforcing rules and laws indiscriminately;
  • The elected officials are legitimate only if they also show responsibility for the rule of law and for their constituents in-between, not only during elections;
  • Citizens and companies who avoid paying their dues to the government are not only defrauding the state, but also the other citizens and companies;
  • Only laws that are clear, predictable and in accordance with civil rights are worthy of being observed;
  • The presumption of innocence applies both to citizens and government.

The scope of the Alliance is to ensure communication with general audiences, in order to individually involve as large a number of citizens as possible, valued stakeholders, interested in civic movements, local governments, and transparency in decision making. We wish to stimulate and support a national network of active contributors fighting against corruption and to make the portal available as a source of reference for interested agents.

The objective of the Alliance for a Clean Romania is to develop a coalition founded on corporative partnership and to reach out to the private sector. The latter is the main beneficiary of a clean society, but so far it has been its least interested supporter.

Presently, the ACR comprises the following organizations:

  • The Romanian Academic Society
  • Freedom House Romania
  • Alma Mater
  • The Group for the University Reform
  • The Romanian Center for European Policies
  • The Romanian National Alliance of Student Organizations
  • The Timisoara Society
  • Edu-Cer
  • The Center for Independent Journalism
  • The Cultural Association Ariergarda
  • Save Bucharest
  • The Group for Social Dialogue
  • Pro-Do-Mo
  • Cartel Alfa

Also, we have the support of a group of 16  friends, public figures from the academic environment, artists, historians, journalists, medical doctors, writers, politicians, trade unionists and NGO volunteers.

Financed by: CEE Trust, Balkan Trust for Democracy

Links: www.romaniacurata.roFacebookYoutubeTwitter

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