Analysis of Romanian – Moldovan Trade Relations (2009)

Throughout the past decade, trade relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania have constantly increased. The value of trade relations grew from USD160 million in 1997 to USD690 million in 2008. Despite expectations concerning the revocation in 2007 of the free trade agreement between the two countries, Romanian’s accession to the EU had a rather positive effect on the trade relations. Moldovan exports to Romania increased by 36% in 2007, as our country became the second largest market for Moldovan products. Romanian imports increased by 29% during the same year. In 2008, Romania became the first largest market for Moldavian products, surpassing Russia.

Unlike trade relations, investment relations between the two countries are less developed. After a long stagnation, investments have seen a recent boom, during the 2006-2007 interval. In spite of a generally positive trend, the potential of economic relations between the two countries has not been fully exploited. Several factors inhibit the development of these relationships: political tensions, difficulties in ensuring a safe infrastructure and defective governance.

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