Technical Assistance for the Moldavian Civil Society in Developing a Similar Body to the Coalition for a Clean Parliament

A team of journalists from the Republic of Moldova monitored over 200 candidates in the Chisinau parliament elections on July 29th 2009. The number of monitored candidates selected from each party was directly proportional to the given party’s likelihood of winning a seat in Parliament, according to the pre-election polls. The list of ‘tainted’ candidates was published in a booklet printed in 200,000 copies and distributed nation-wide. The booklet presents arguments on the incompatibility of some of the candidates running for a seat in the House of Commons, based on civil society’s moral criteria.

The list of ‘unclean’ candidates can be accessed on the website of the Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament, where you may comment on the selection of candidates and see the parties’ reactions to these lists. Not a single party complied with the Civic Initiative request to withdraw the ‘tainted’ candidates from the electoral race.

Financed by: Soros Foundation Moldova

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