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Instructions for authors

The Romanian Journal of Political Science encourages contributions from the community members of Romanian or foreign social scientists regardless of age, academic background or topic. We are mainly interested in theory-grounded papers based on solid empirical work.
Contributions drawing upon inferential analysis are especially encouraged, as are papers from fields currently under-covered, such as comparative politics, public policy, political economy, political psychology. The publishing language is English. Please use footnotes or endnotes, limit their number to a minimum and use consistently one citation system throughout your article. Electronic submissions are acceptable in Word for Windows at If you prefer snail mail send a floppy disk/CD with the article in Word for Windows and a hard copy at Societatea Academica din Romania, str. Mihai Eminescu 61, Bucuresti 1, Romania. The ideal length of an article is anywhere between 4000 and 8000 words, but longer articles can be considered on the basis of exceptional merit. Foreign policy scientists writing on Romanian or broader Central European issues are also encouraged to contribute. We do not publish unsolicited essays or op-eds.
This is the first Romanian peer-reviewed journal of political science. Papers will be reviewed by board and staff members, but not only. The reviewers’ names are confidential and the authors may be asked to make some modifications in order to have the article published. Essential for a successful submission is that the article addresses an important topic, respects the canons agreed in contemporary political science, and shows perfect knowledge of previous theoretical contributions, Romanian or international or both. Contributions are welcomed at any time of the year and will be considered for the next issue.

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