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Hotnews – SAR Report: No. 1 Priority of Administrative-Territorial Reform Shld Be Reducing Number of Rural Communes

Romania’s 2,860 rural communes are two variegated in size and economic prowess, and the number one priority of the administrative-territorial reform is cutting back their number, a report issued by the Romanian Academic Society indicates. According to the report, most
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Our Revolution Isn’t Finished Yet

An interview with Romanian political scientist Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, by IP Global, Jan. 2010 Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, director of a Romanian think tank promoting good governance, is cautiously optimistic about Romania’s future. Twenty years after the Christmas revolution, her country is in
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Financial Times – January 22nd 2009 – “Romania’s ex-PM indicted on graft charges”

By Thomas Escritt “Romanian prosecutors have indicted Adrian Nastase, prime minister until 2004, on corruption charges, along with four alleged accomplices. They allege the Social Democrat politician pushed companies to participate in a fraudulent corporate quality certification scheme, the proceeds
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The Economist- November 20th 2008- “Cleaning up the act”

“The EU’s watchdogs stand in need of better watching. The European Union’s thinking about corruption goes roughly like this. It is a problem for governments, chiefly in the new member states. The best way to fight it is by making
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Reuters – 13 August 2008 – “Romanian lawmakers stop graft probe against ex-PM”

“Romanian lawmakers rejected a request to launch a corruption investigation against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase on Wednesday in a case seen as a test of the European Union newcomer’s justice reforms.” The full article can be accesed here.

International Herald Tribune – July 23rd 2008 – “EU cuts back funding to Bulgaria”

“BRUSSELS: The European Commission froze hundreds of millions of euros in aid to Bulgaria on Wednesday, citing poor administration, corruption and organized crime and casting a cloud over the future expansion of the European Union.” The full article can be
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The Economist – May 29th 2008 – “Trust me”

“The theory and the practice of the rule of law. IN THE European Union, rhetoric often precedes reality. From earliest days, its founders followed the principle that where fine words led, with a bit of luck facts would follow. Sometimes,
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The Economist – May 22nd 2008 – “Talking of virtue, counting the spoons”

“Now that they’re in the club, new European Union members are failing to deliver on the promises they made to fight corruption. FOR corrupt officials in central and eastern Europe, life has seldom been better. Joining the European Union has
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International Herald Tribune – April 1, 2008 – “Blacksliding on reform is seen in new EU states”

“BRUSSELS: The European Union’s eastward expansion aimed to cement former Communist countries into a bloc committed to pluralism, democracy and good government. But the new members have a worrying tendency to backslide and succumb to “reform fatigue,” according to a
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Romanian anti-graft drive at risk, campaigners warn – 24/06/2007

Reuters Rights groups warned on Sunday, June 24, that attempts by Romania’s government and parliament to pass laws protecting private interests risk undermining the new European Union member’s anti-corruption reforms. “Laws … made for certain companies, persons … that is
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