Romania Libera: How Much Will ANI’s Failure Cost Us

SAR The European Commission warns that the new ANI law does not meet the criteria of the Verification and Cooperation mechanism. Anti-corruption experts warn that this might also financially affect Romania, not just negatively impact its image. The European Commission’s
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Alina Mungiu-Pippidi: “10 for Romania”, a Dangerous Scheme (

România Liberă/Hotnews – December 12, 2006 I’ve got major issues with “10 for Romania” a show by Realitatea TV, a young and dynamic TV station authored by Mihai Tatulici, a TV professional who often does necessary shows that the market
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Sorin Ioniţă: “Let’s Move the National Bash to May”

December 5, 2006 The theory of those who say that Romania’s National Day was poorly decided for December 1, is once again verified. The only thing likely to convince the population to come out of their homes is the beans
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Alina Mungiu-Pippidi: “What We Don’t Know about Romanian Communism”

România Liberă-Hotnews – November 30, 2006 Any student, irrespective of their field of study, knows the result of their research won’t be any good if it’s not clearly informed from the very beginning by clear-cut research questions. It’s very much
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Sorin Ioniţă: “Too Small for Such a Large Budget”

Evenimentul Zilei – November 28 It’s as if this was never more obvious than in 2006 Romania, with its four budget amendments of the past twelve months, a radical change in deficit targets, from 0.9% of the GDP to 2.5%
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Sorin Ioniţă: “The Myth of Cheap, “Local” Gas”

Evenimentul Zilei – November 21 One of the recently unearthed laws in development theory is the “curse of natural resources”: the richer a country is underground , the more likely it is to be poor and poorly governed.

Alina Mungiu-Pippidi: “The Church, Votes and Europe”

România Liberă-Hotnews – November 21, 2006 It’s hard to believe that Romania is about to enter the European Union if you read the news on the Romanian Orthodox Church and politicians, published over the past few days. Our church is
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14.11.2006: Hotnews – “What Do We Do about Civil Servants?” by Sorin Ioniţă

Evenimentul Zilei – November 14, 2006 “We don’t have a body of civil servants per se, but a list of separate bureaucracies, working after rules they negotiated case by case.”  

14.11. 2006: România Liberă/Hotnews – “The Civil War of Misinformation” by Alina Mungiu Pippidi)

România Liberă/Hotnews – November 14, 2006 I can’t figure out why Mr. Liviu Turcu’s apparition has roused such passions and has moved people to have nothing in common to come out of their homes, from Gabriela Adamesteanu to Filip Teodorescu.

7.11.2006: Hotnews/România liberă: “Why Aren’t Romanians Winning the Nobel Prize” by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

România Liberă/Hotnews – November 7, 2006 Vices are being internally sifted at the moment, candidates produced by our self-sufficient, clientele-based civilization cannot be competitive, unlike Romanians who are leaving the country and facing the competition head-on, all on their own.
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