The Economist about “A Tale of Two Villages: Coerced Modernization in the Eastern Europe Country Side “: a book that deserves to be read

A book that deserves to be read by all those wondering where European Union money is going and why Romanian village dwellers continue to vote for people and parties that bear the responsibility of keeping them poor. The appeal issued
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7.11.2006: Eveniment Zilei: “How to Steal from the Government at Leisure” by Sorin Ioniţă

Evenimentul Zilei – November 7, 2006 I have written here about the obvious theft afoot in Romania, through Government and Parliament-approved policies. But it seems like this week there’s been a downpour of such acts.

16.04.2007: RST: “Beloved ANI”

SAR “Your beloved ANI”, as President Traian Basescu deemed it, in a conversation with 2007 Justice Minister Monica Macovei. Following a Constitutional Court decision, the National Integrity Agency was bereaved of the instruments granted to it by law in order
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05.2009: RST, Theme of the Day with Sorin Ioniţă

May 2009 Romanian Academic Society Research Executive Sorin Ionita and Judge Andreea Chis were Claudiu Lucaci’s guests at Theme of the Day, a TVR 1 show. The show analyzed the consequences of the first-time arrest of a Supreme Court magistrate.

31.10.2006: România Liberă/Hotnews – “Human Resources” by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

România Liberă/Hotnews – October 31, 2006 I’m sure that, even though Varujan Vosganian did not read the European Constitutional Treatise, never worked as an expert for any European organizations and never even perused the Wallace spouses’ bible on European policies,
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05.2009: Press on SAR’s 2010 Yearly Analysis and Forecast Report

May 2009 Radio Romania RADIO ROMÂNIA ACTUALITATI (February 23, 13:10:57) – “Noon News” with Carmen Valica – Anchor: The yearly report of the Romanian Academic Society confirms the authorities’ estimates regarding the end of the economic crisis during the second
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15.01.2010: Radio Free Europe – “Traveling Down the Old Steppe Border” interview with Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

Radio Free Europe, January 15, 2010 ‘Where does Europe end after all?’, we asked SAR President Alina Mungiu Pippidi. Alina Mungiu Pippidi : …There are numerous opinions, geographers have their opinions, historians may have their opinions, no, artists can have
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22.01.2009: Financial Times – “Romania’s Ex-PM Indicted on Graft Charges”

by Thomas Escritt “Romanian prosecutors have indicted Adrian Nastase, prime minister until 2004, on corruption charges, along with four alleged accomplices. They allege the Social Democrat politician pushed companies to participate in a fraudulent corporate quality certification scheme, the proceeds
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20.11.2008: The Economist – “Cleaning up the Act”

“The EU’s watchdogs stand in need of better watching. The European Union’s thinking about corruption goes roughly like this. It is a problem for governments, chiefly in the new member states. The best way to fight it is by making
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13.08.2008: Reuters – “Romanian Lawmakers Stop Graft Probe against Ex-PM”

“Romanian lawmakers rejected a request to launch a corruption investigation against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase on Wednesday in a case seen as a test of the European Union newcomer’s justice reforms.”

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