University Change through Student Engagement and Exchange

High quality education is a vital component of social and economic development; poor governance in the educational field poses a serious threat to development and must be tackled accordingly by decision-makers and civil society. The project „University Change through Student
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European Funds: Guidelines on defrauding

The platform “European Funds – guidelines on defrauding” serves as a resource for the general public and the civil society offering official information on fraud and irregularities along with studies, reports and expert evaluations. It investigates and presents the key
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Basic Quality Assurance Systems in South Eastern Europe: What Works in Our Region?

The Romanian Academic Society will implement the project “Basic Quality Assurance Systems in South Eastern Europe: What Works in Our Region?” (financed by the Open Society Foundation, in partnership with the Global Development Network, within the framework of the programme
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How are we teaching the exact sciences in schools? A reform proposal

The Lisbon strategy gives priority to a high quality education system. This strategy represents not only the redefinition of the content and purpose of learning, but also the improvement of access to the key competencies. Because the Romanian education system
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Coalition for Clean Universities CUC I (2008-2009)

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Effectiveness and efficiency in the Romanian school system: a survey (2007-2008)

The project aimed at analyzing the potential of decentralization in the Romanian educational system, providing the basic resources for a comparative study in multiple countries under the coordination of Brookings Institute. The project laid down a three-step analysis. Step one
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Education For Europe – A competitive education for a competitive society (2006-2007)

Romania’s Perspectives on Lisbon Agenda. A Human Development Approach In the last fifteen years, the experience of the Romanian education and research was gloomy. There is no surprise that the national level performance indicators are disappointingly low, the discontent within
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