Good governance

Coalition for a Clean Parliament – Alegeri locale şi generale (2004)

The scope of this project was prompted by the lack of alternative sources of information for over 80% of the Romanian population (who do not read political newspapers) and the general discontent with the quality of the Romanian political class,
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Monitoring county councils on conflicts of interests and incompatibilities

Even though lately regulations have been adopted in order to reduce the level of corruption in the public administration, their local implementation has proved to be difficult. The main cause of this phenomenon is the number of 3000 constituencies (and
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Improving the transparency of public authorities – improving the capacity for annual reporting (2003-2005)

EU monitorization reports have constantly criticized Romania for the slow progress in the public administration reform. The lack of transparency of public institutions has a direct negative impact on the capacity of the citizens to assess and participate in the
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Coalition for a Clean Government (2004-2005)

The last few years have been a period of ever-more intense civic activism at SAR, aimed to strengthen the accountability of the government and the political class in Romania. In 2004, it took the form of an energetic and highly
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