Developing the watchdog capacity through the Alliance for a Clean Romania

Through the implementation of the project “Developing the watchdog capacity through the Alliance for a Clean Romania”, the Romanian Academic Society, together with the Centre for Independent Journalism, the Pro.Do.Mo Association, the Save Bucharest Association and Vellenes Fellesorganisasjon (Norway), aim
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Capturing the Populist Agenda

As an active and well-established think-tank, the Romanian Academic Society has begun working on a current issue – populist agenda in the public space. Although extreme populism has not ascended to the heights that it reached in neighboring countries, there
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European Funds: Guidelines on defrauding

The platform “European Funds – guidelines on defrauding” serves as a resource for the general public and the civil society offering official information on fraud and irregularities along with studies, reports and expert evaluations. It investigates and presents the key
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Together Against Corruption (2011-2012)

Summary – The project aims at building on an existing platform, that functions as a useful resource for the continuation of the efforts to improve the quality of governance and accountability in the Western Balkans and the Black Sea
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  ANTICORRP is a new large-scale research project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. The full name of the project is “Anti-corruption Policies Revisited: Global Trends and European Responses to the Challenge of Corruption”. The project started in
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Governance/Government-The Semantics of Constitutional Autonomy

Fundamental Research Project (PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0115, Exploratory Research Projects-IDEAS Program) funded by the UEFISCDI Implementation period: October 2011 – October 2015 Funded by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding. Research Project Director:  Dr. Bogdan Iancu, Lecturer, University of
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“Civil Society against Corruption” – online resources on

The Civil Society against Corruption initiative is based on the idea that the civil society and the local media are responsible for serving as the watchdogs of their national administrations and for exerting enough public pressure so as to lower
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BACCI (Balkan Anti-Corruption Civic Initiative)

BACCI is a partnership project involving nongovernmental organizations from Croatia and Bosnia that try to develop watchdog programmes related to transparency, good governance and anticorruption. SAR offers consultancy services in matters of legislation, Romanian legal procedures and intervention models in
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Property Restitution in South Eastern Europe (2009-2010)

The Romanian Academic Society (project leader) teamed up with Partnership for Social Development (Croatia) and the Center for Liberal Studies (Bulgaria), to win a research project undertaken in six South-East European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia), regarding
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Technical Assistance for the Moldavian Civil Society in Developing a Similar Body to the Coalition for a Clean Parliament

A team of journalists from the Republic of Moldova monitored over 200 candidates in the Chisinau parliament elections on July 29th 2009. The number of monitored candidates selected from each party was directly proportional to the given party’s likelihood of
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