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No disgRACE in this electoral race!

No disgRACE in this electoral race! Recording and combating hate speech and racism during the 2014 electoral cycle in Romania. This project tackles the spread of hate speech in Romania, which emerges as a reaction to the international controversies around
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Capturing the Populist Agenda

As an active and well-established think-tank, the Romanian Academic Society has begun working on a current issue – populist agenda in the public space. Although extreme populism has not ascended to the heights that it reached in neighboring countries, there
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Governance/Government-The Semantics of Constitutional Autonomy

Fundamental Research Project (PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0115, Exploratory Research Projects-IDEAS Program) funded by the UEFISCDI Implementation period: October 2011 – October 2015 Funded by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding. Research Project Director:  Dr. Bogdan Iancu, Lecturer, University of
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The ACCEPT PLURALISM project addresses the need to explore and understand tolerance of ethnical, racial and religious diversity in European communities, also seeking to identify key points to be highlighted for public decision-makers. Specifically, the project studies: Types of tolerance
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START – Equal Opportunity Employment for the Disabled (2008-2011)

The main objective of START is to facilitate the access of disabled people on the labor market. The project aims towards creating a network of three Regional Centers for Social Inclusion and Employment of disabled people, which would offer high
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Inclusion Network for People with Disabilities (2008-2011)

The main objective of the project is to develop a network of high quality service providers for disabled people in Romania. This project aims towards evaluating the efficiency of the implemented policies, as well as enhancing service quality for people
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An Analysis of Healthcare System Funding

This scope of the study was to launch a public debate concerning the way in which the healthcare system in Romania is being financed, in light of the 2011 national budget propositions. The study included a comparative analysis of Romania,
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Social Economy Consultancy for Arges County Council

In Romania, the social economy initiatives are still at the beginning, and thus the development of a specific legal framework, the coordination of the responsible institutions, the support and promotion of this type of initiatives are required. For the moment,
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Local Health System Reform Advice for Dambovita County Council

Dambovita County Council asked SAR to research ways to make more efficient the activity of new health institutions that have been subordinated to the local authority, as a result of decentralizing the responsibility of financing and managing them. The analysis
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Expertize for the Competition Council regarding the energy sector and procurement

SAR has produced two analysis for the Competition Council regarding the energetic sector and public procurement. The works have been included in a report published by the Council and entitled “The challenges of the Single Market and the competition in
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