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“Anti-corruption in History: From Antiquity to the Modern Era”. Another ANTICORRP research endeavour has been published

Now you can read about (anti)corruption during the era of the Romanian Principalities! RAS’s research endeavour within WP 2: History of corruption in comparative perspective of the ANTICORRP project has ended. Historian Ovidiu Olar contributed with a chapter entitled “Corruption
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Integrity pacts in public procurement: what are they good for, why do we use them and what are the results so far?

On 14 December 2017, Transparency International Secretariat organized the conference “Integrity Pact Stakeholder Event” in Bucharest. It focused on the results of the collaboration between the entities involved in the European project “Integrity pacts”. A relatively new concept in Romania,
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Volume 17, Number 1 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science

PolSci Volume 17, number 1 (Summer 2017) comprises articles which deal with themes such as Russian imperialism, Brexit and political participation of young people. The first article deals with Russian neo-imperial dependence model. The second discusses Brexit through the lens
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