Research Report: The use of hateful speech during the political campaign for presidential elections of 2014 and its reflection in the media

Hateful or discriminatory discourse against minorities is often employed by Romanian politicians in order to gain electoral capital. This report analyzes the incidence and main characteristics of the discriminatory discourse during the 2014 Romanian presidential campaign, by employing both a
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Comparative analysis of the national legislation and jurisprudence on hate speech

The study summarizes the international legal framework on hate speech and xenophobia and underlines the list of criteria identified in the European Court of Human Rights’ jurisprudence for judging what constitutes hate speech. The analysis also describes the national legal
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Reports on Good Governance in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Corruption: Diagnosis and Treatment Becoming Denmark: Historical Paths to Control of Corruption Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’  Civil Society and Control of Corruption: Assessing Governance of Romanian Public Universities  Of Virtuous Circles: Modeling Control of Corruption Beyond Modernization Twenty Years of Postcommunism:
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The 2015 SAR Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report

This year’s SAR Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report addresses two major issues: – How close is Romania to real convergence with the European Union, how much the recent growth has helped towards that goal and what else there is
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Volume 14, number 2 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (POLSCI) – Peace building and development

PolSci Volume 14, number 2 (Winter 2014) of the Romanian Journal of Political Science focuses on the topic of peace building and development, by touching upon themes such as positive and negative peace, critical security theory, and the situation of
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SAR President, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi Released Her Latest Book „Transition. The First 25 Years” in the Presence of Romanian President-elect Klaus Iohannis

The volume „Transition. The First 25 Years”, co-authored by SAR president, Alina-Mungiu Pippidi and Vartan Arachelian was released on November 21st on the occasion of the Gaudeamus International Book Festival in Bucharest. The release was attended by President-elect, Klaus Iohannis.
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POLICY BRIEF #65 The Game of Influences: The Vested Interests Behind Romanian Media

This policy brief presents and analyzes the current state of the Romanian media, and raises important questions about the commonly held notion that the press in Romania is actually “free”. The report evaluates the overall level of independence of the
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Volume 2 of Anticorruption Report

From Turkey to Egypt, Bulgaria to Ukraine, and Brazil to India, we witness the rise of an angry urban middle class protesting against what they see as fundamental corruption of their political regimes, perceived as predatory and inefficient. Corruption is
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Volume 14, number 1 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

PolSci Volume 14, number 1 (Summer 2014) comprises articles which deal with the general topic of political communication by touching upon themes such as the use of social media by political parties, Euroscepticism and the national identity discourses of ethnic
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SAR Policy Brief #64: The Implementation of the Principle of Decisional Transparency in Romania

This policy brief concisely presents and analyzes the key provisions of Law no. 52/2003, before and after its 2013 revisions. The report evaluates the effectiveness of this law, presents an overview of the transparency of decision-making in Romania, and formulates
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