The SAR experts contributed to the Freedom House report, Nations in Transit 2014: Eurasia’s Rupture with Democracy. The publication shows Russia as the model and inspiration for policies leading to a retreat from free institutions throughout Eurasia and bringing the
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Why East Europeans did not vote

  By Alina Mungiu-Pippidi The night before the European elections I dragged myself – despite not being in top form – to plead for one hour by myself in a TV talk show that my Romanian countrymen should vote the
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Romania gained from joining the EU, despite huge opportunity costs. The 2014 SAR Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report addresses two major questions: 1. Has Romania gained or lost so far following its European Union accession? 2. What can be done
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Volume 13, number 2 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

PolSci Volume 13, number 2 (winter 2013) comprises articles which touch upon themes such as political parties’ electoral success and voters’ behaviour, normative power and regional security in East Asia and the endurance of informal practices within a transitional bureaucracy.
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The Romanian Academic Society has launched Policy Brief # 66 on the  Vulnerability of European Funds:  how EU money eludes us and what we can do to spend them wisely,” during a press conference held on Monday, October 14 at
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The Romanian Academic Society has contributed to TI’s Global Corruption Report on Education

Transparency International (TI) has recently released a Report on the Global Corruption in Education, which features five sections of analysis and recommendations from over 70 experts in over 50 countries, including the contribution of the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) on
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SAR analysts contributed to the volume “The Anticorruption Report, vol. l: Within European Borders”

SAR’s public policy analysts, Valentina Dimulescu, Raluca Pop and Madalina Doroftei, contributed to the collective volume “The Anticorruption Report, vol. l: Within European Borders” – which has been launched during the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference on September
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SAR Policy Brief #65: The never-ending story of the state reserve fund

The Romanian Academic Society has released Policy Brief #65 of July 2013, addressing the topic of the state reserve fund. The history of the already famous state reserve fund available to the Romanian government has shown that the executive’s spending
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Volume 13, number 1 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

PolSci Volume 13, no. 1 (summer 2013) presents a viewpoint from the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary on the recent constitutional challenges and novelties experienced by this country and in particular on the relations between the Ombudsman and the
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SAR report on the democratic developments in Romania was published in the Freedom House Nations in Transit 2013 study

Nations in Transit 2013 is Freedom House’s comprehensive, comparative study of democratic development in 29 countries from Central Europe to Eurasia. This edition covers the period from January 1 through December 31, 2012 and measures progress according to the following
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