SAR released Policy Brief # 64: Why and how should we change the electoral system

The single-seat constituency election, introduced by Law 35/2008, has had a significant impact upon political corruption. Unfortunately, it did not reduce its associated phenomena, as its proponents promised voters, but the contrary effect was achieved. The number of candidates with
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SAR Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report for 2013

Section 1: 2013 Economic Forecast. SAR’s Panel of Experts predicts a fragile macroeconomic balance in 2013 and a volatile exchange rate. Section 2: Expert Florin Cîțu argues that Romania has barely implemented some IMF suggestions and only mimicked economic reform
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Volume 12, number 2 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

The latest issue of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci) has been published. PolSci Volume 12, no. 2 (winter 2012) covers issues such as the development of e-governance in the Romanian public administration, good governance via the Open Method
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RAS Policy Brief #63: Landslide Victory for Left-Right Coalition in Romanian Elections

Less than 42% of Romanians showed up on December 9 to elect a record number of legislators, due to an electoral legislation which attributed extra-seats to individual candidates of nationally representative parties who lost elections in their individual constituencies. The
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2011: “Guide on Incompatibilities and Conflicts of Interests” by SAR and ANI

The material was first published within the “Strenghtening the Capacity of the National Integrity Agency” project, financed through the Mantra KAP program of the Dutch Embassy to Romania, and “Increasing Accountability in Public Administration”, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway,
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ROMANIA: The Political Economy of a Constitutional Crisis

What lies behind Romania’s bitter power struggle of spring-summer 2012? The economic crisis is not particularly dramatic in Romania, a country sheltered by its high underground economy and intense labor migration from the crisis-related unemployment which hurts other European economies.
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SAR policy analysis and forecast report for 2012

The SAR policy analysis and forecast report shows cautious optimism for 2012. Keeping a strict control over public spending, maintaining the IMF arrangement and improving the impact of the European funds are, according to SAR experts, the necessary conditions for
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03.2012: Constantin Vică – “Why the Romanian Parliament should not ratify ACTA”

The report analyses the main problems of ACTA with a special focus on risks and socio-economic implications. It starts by analyzing procedural problems (negotiations and interpretation of the agreement), then it switches to substantial topics of ACTA like the terminology,
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3.11.2011: The Top-Down Revolution – The Impact of the New Quality Assessment System in Universities

Do the new rules on university rankings and the hierarchy of academic learning programs have the potential to increase the quality of the higher-learning system? The current report by SAR researcher Daniela Marinache proves that implementing the new quality assessment
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09.2010: Plea for Universal Literature – Introducing Universal Literature into School Curricula

On Tuesday, September 20, the Group for Social Dialog and Revista 22, in partnership with the National Cultural Fund Administration and the Romanian Academic Society held a debate on The Introduction of Universal Literature into School Curricula. The discussions moderated
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