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Policy Brief #74: Transparency of Public Institutions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova – A Challenging Ideal

More than 15 years after the freedom of information acts were passed, most public institutions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova still do not publish their annual reports. Moreover, although transparency of decision-making has been regulated in Romania since
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Policy Brief #66, November 2015: Immigration Policies in Romania. Policy proposals regarding the protection of immigrants’ civil rights in Romania

The research report entitled “Between discrimination, abuse and exploitation: the protection of immigrants’ civil rights in Romania”, drafted by the Romanian Academic Society (RAS) and the Romanian Association for Heath Promotion (ARPS), pointed out the obstacles faced by foreigners living
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POLICY BRIEF #65 The Game of Influences: The Vested Interests Behind Romanian Media

This policy brief presents and analyzes the current state of the Romanian media, and raises important questions about the commonly held notion that the press in Romania is actually “free”. The report evaluates the overall level of independence of the
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SAR Policy Brief #64: The Implementation of the Principle of Decisional Transparency in Romania

This policy brief concisely presents and analyzes the key provisions of Law no. 52/2003, before and after its 2013 revisions. The report evaluates the effectiveness of this law, presents an overview of the transparency of decision-making in Romania, and formulates
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The Romanian Academic Society has launched Policy Brief # 66 on the  Vulnerability of European Funds:  how EU money eludes us and what we can do to spend them wisely,” during a press conference held on Monday, October 14 at
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SAR Policy Brief #65: The never-ending story of the state reserve fund

The Romanian Academic Society has released Policy Brief #65 of July 2013, addressing the topic of the state reserve fund. The history of the already famous state reserve fund available to the Romanian government has shown that the executive’s spending
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SAR released Policy Brief # 64: Why and how should we change the electoral system

The single-seat constituency election, introduced by Law 35/2008, has had a significant impact upon political corruption. Unfortunately, it did not reduce its associated phenomena, as its proponents promised voters, but the contrary effect was achieved. The number of candidates with
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RAS Policy Brief #63: Landslide Victory for Left-Right Coalition in Romanian Elections

Less than 42% of Romanians showed up on December 9 to elect a record number of legislators, due to an electoral legislation which attributed extra-seats to individual candidates of nationally representative parties who lost elections in their individual constituencies. The
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ROMANIA: The Political Economy of a Constitutional Crisis

What lies behind Romania’s bitter power struggle of spring-summer 2012? The economic crisis is not particularly dramatic in Romania, a country sheltered by its high underground economy and intense labor migration from the crisis-related unemployment which hurts other European economies.
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03.2012: Constantin Vică – “Why the Romanian Parliament should not ratify ACTA”

The report analyses the main problems of ACTA with a special focus on risks and socio-economic implications. It starts by analyzing procedural problems (negotiations and interpretation of the agreement), then it switches to substantial topics of ACTA like the terminology,
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