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3.11.2011: The Top-Down Revolution – The Impact of the New Quality Assessment System in Universities

Do the new rules on university rankings and the hierarchy of academic learning programs have the potential to increase the quality of the higher-learning system? The current report by SAR researcher Daniela Marinache proves that implementing the new quality assessment
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09.2010: Plea for Universal Literature – Introducing Universal Literature into School Curricula

On Tuesday, September 20, the Group for Social Dialog and Revista 22, in partnership with the National Cultural Fund Administration and the Romanian Academic Society held a debate on The Introduction of Universal Literature into School Curricula. The discussions moderated
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03.10.2011:”How Can Romania Meet European Requirements in the Field of Energy? Three Scenarios.” de Corina Murafa

The European Commission has just launched a new infringement procedure against Romania for failing to transpose the Third Energy Package on time. The Commission is demanding swift and rapid reforms. In a new SAR Policy Brief, Corina Murafa puts forward
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8.2011: “Tax on Home Ownership to Be Leveraged at Mkt Value?” by Sorin Ionita

Smack-dab in the middle of the summer holidays, while looking for income to supplement their budget, the Finance Ministry unearthed a 2006 SAR report in one of their drawers, showing how ownership taxation income can be supplemented, while also increasing
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09.2011: “The Faces of the Romanian Legal System” by Laura Stefan

One of the major deficiencies of the Romanian legal system is the slow speed of its procedures. Cases lag behind for years and years before various courts, while, in the case of the criminal system, punishing those who break the
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9.2009: Policy briefs about the health system reformation

The financial crisis drastically reduced the budget for the health system in 2009, with 20% in comparison to 2008. The funds were enough only for the first nine months of the year and in the last trimester expenses were made
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Citizens for Energy – First Assessment of the Romanian Energy Regulator ANRE

May 2009 In our “Citizens for Energy” watchdog project financed by Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) we prepared the first independent assessment of the Romanian energy regulator ANRE. The assessment is based on a World Bank methodology and identifies issues
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05.2010: SAR reports to the European Parliament on Restitution of Property in the Balkans (Download Report)

The biggest ignored policy issue in transition countries – the post-Communist restitution of property, be it in the form of land, buildings, forests or financial compensation – was analyzed by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) on a contract with the European Parliament. Mobilizing our
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European elections 2009 – Why these results?

Alina Mungiu Pippidi Why did Europe go right? Why did so many Europeans refrain from voting? Are the new Europeans worse Europeans, because they do not vote for the European Parliament? Is this another step towards democratic deficit and therefore
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The National Electricity Company – a good idea or an anti-reform measure?

The Romanian Government has decided to set up a national electricity company, vertically integrated (“a national champion”). The measure, initiated by AVAS and supported only half-heartedly by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is opposed by Hidroelectrica, independent analysts, and
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