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Romania – The weak link of the European framework of fight against crime

Just one year after its EU accession, Romania is faced with unprecedented attacks against the Code of Criminal Procedure, which is the underlying cornerstone of the national framework of fight against crime. If the draft which is now being debated
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Romanian Parties facing Europe – November 2007

SAR POLICY BRIEF No. 28 Romanians vote on Sunday Novermber 25 for the first time to send 35 MEPs to the European Parliament. The public awareness of European issues is low, and political scandals have dominated the campaign overshadowing any
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Roads to Nowhere – August 2007

SAR Policy Brief No 26 The dirty little secret of Romania’s transport infrastructure sector is that money are no longer its main problem. It still gets less than is would ideally need, but more than it can currently manage. The
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How to avoid the “Mezzogiorno Syndrome” – July 2007

SAR Policy Brief No. 25, by Sorin Ioniţă The sudden inflow of EU funds can be a great burden for Romania’s regions, says Sorin Ioniţă. As a new EU member, Romania as a whole has still a chance to avoid
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Policy Briefs 2003-2006

Policy briefs are shorter reports that supplements the PWR’s and include ad-hoc analyses of potentially risky policies, or SAR’s point of view on an issue which is high on the public discussion agenda. Though short, these papers receive very good
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SAR Report: Property Restitution: Why Did It Go So Wrong in Romania?

Beyond the judicial details of the restitution program, two traits set Romania apart in Central and Eastern Europe: the inability to decide between in-kind compensation v. financial restitutions, with successive laws creating confusion and overlapping rights, and large-scale abuse on
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