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SAR President, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi Released Her Latest Book „Transition. The First 25 Years” in the Presence of Romanian President-elect Klaus Iohannis

The volume „Transition. The First 25 Years”, co-authored by SAR president, Alina-Mungiu Pippidi and Vartan Arachelian was released on November 21st on the occasion of the Gaudeamus International Book Festival in Bucharest. The release was attended by President-elect, Klaus Iohannis.
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Plan B – B for Balkans

Prof. Dr. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi is the co-editor of this policy paper. A book covering the Balkans’ previous Europeanization attempt (after their independence from the Ottomans), edited by Pippidi with Wim van Meurs (CAP Munich) will be out next year. Read more
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Books edited at SAR

– The Coalition for a Clean Parliament, 2005. A Quest for Political Integrity: the story of a civic campaign. Polirom. – Larry Diamond et al, 2005. Consolidating Democracies(Romanian edition), Polirom. – Alina Mungiu Pippidi and Ivan Krastev, 2003. Nationalism after Communism: Lessons Learned.
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“A Quest for Political Integrity” (Polirom, 2005) – Romanian Coalition for a Clean Parliament

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The Economist about “A Tale of Two Villages: Coerced Modernization in the Eastern Europe Country Side “: a book that deserves to be read

A book that deserves to be read by all those wondering where European Union money is going and why Romanian village dwellers continue to vote for people and parties that bear the responsibility of keeping them poor. The appeal issued
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