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The Romanian Academic Society is a member of UNCAC Coalition

The Romanian Academic Society is honoured to become part of the UN Coalition Against Corruption (UNCAC ). Established in 2006, the Coalition encompasses a wide range of non-governmental organisations with a role in promoting and respecting the rules and standards
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Romania moves up one position on the Freedom House democracy score

Freedom House published their 2017 Nations in Transit Report and Romania improves its score for the first time in 3 years. Romania is now ranked 9th overall, as a semi-consolidated democracy, surpassing Hungary in the rankings. Romania’s strongest category was
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Volume 16, Number 2 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science

PolSci Volume 16, number 2 (Winter 2016) comprises articles which deal with themes such as Fascism, rule of law and political participation of young people. The first article deals with the the relationship between the Bolshevik revolution and Fascism. The
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In this brief report, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi answers key questions on the recent events in Romania regarding the passing of Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO) 13/2017. This report covers questions on the ordinance itself, the protests which were triggered by it and
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Case studies on corruption involving journalists: Romania

The case studies reports produced within Work Package 6: Media and corruption have been published. The case studies on corruption involving journalists aim to contextualize the key findings of the previous report on how the media covers corruption. More precisely,
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Hidden Economy and Good Governance in Southeast Europe Regional Assessment Report

RAS contributed to SELDI’s newest anticorruption analysis entitled “Hidden Economy and Good Governance in Southeast Europe Regional Assessment Report”. The key drivers of the hidden economy and its impact on the overall economy in SEE, and in particular the employment,
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Round Table: Tackling Undeclared Work and Hidden Economy in Southeast Europe: Improving Governance and Prosperity

RAS researcher, Valentina Dimulescu, attended SELDI’s roundtable on tackling Undeclared Work and Hidden Economy in Southeast Europe which took place on 13 December 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. The existence of undeclared work, hidden economy and corruption have been identified by
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Round Table: The Anti-Corruption Agenda for Southeast Europe after the 2016 Enlargement Package: How to Break the State Capture Deadlock and Make Enlargement Deliver Again?

RAS researcher, Valentina Dimulescu, attended the SELDI round table, hosted by MEP Monica Macovei, which took place at the European Parliament on 30 November 2016. In its 2015 and 2016 Enlargement Packages, the European Commission has announced that there will
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The Romanian Academic Society, along with ANOSR and the Swiss Students Federation launched the „Integrity ranking of Romanian public universities” at the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania on November 17th, 2016. Overall, 48 public universities were assessed on
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