RAS researcher, Natalia Milewski, presented her work within ANTICORRP at the conference entitled “Understanding Transition IV”

RAS researcher Natalia Milewski presented the main findings of the quantitative phase of Research Package 6: Press and corruption, taking place within the ANTICORRP FP 7 project. The presentation was given during the “Understanding Transition IV: Ways and Challenges to Responsibility” international conference, held in Bucharest on June 2nd-3rd 2016.

Miss Milewski’s work looked at the manner in which 4 Romanian newspapers covered the topic of corruption from 2009 to 2013. The methodology used was quantitative content analysis which focused on press articles from 2004-2013 that contained 9 key words concerning the corruption phenomenon. The selected articles were analysed through the Computer Assisted Content Analysis method (CACA) while a sample was examined through the Human Assisted Content Analysis (HACA) method. The exploratory CACA method measured both the frequency and avoidance rate of the 9 key words as well as any linguistic associations (words, names of individuals, institutions and countries) for each of the 4 selected newspapers from 2009-2013 (the shorter selection period for the CACA analysis was due to the lack of data for 2004-2008). The HACA method focused on a more detailed analysis of CACA results: it aimed to identify the main topics tackled, the sources used, the typology of actors taking part in acts of corruption, the objects of corrupt transactions, opinion impartiality and so on).

The research aimed to examine the way in which the press in 7 countries (the UK, France, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary and Latvia) covered corruption by taking into consideration national and international political contexts.

The ANTICORRP project is financed through the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and it aims to investigate and explain the factors that promote or halt the development of effective and impartial anticorruption policies.

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  1. Constantin says:

    Ar fi interesant de citit rezultatele cercetarii. Au fost ele publicate undeva in Internet?

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