Citizens for Energy (2009-2011)

The “Citizens for Energy” initiative is a watchdog project which aims to monitor the functioning of Romanian energy regulator ANRE for a period of one year. The project’s scope is to enhance the transparency and accountability of Romanian energy policies and regulations.

The project’s activities are:

  • the identification of the gaps between ANRE’s legislative framework and best practices;
  • monitoring the regulator’s activity for a period of one year: the project looked at the decisions taken by the ANRE and their consistency with the agency’s mission; measured performance and governance indicators (role in the make-up of the market, access to data from market participants, employment, ethical standards, capacity to enforce decisions, independence from political interference etc.)
  • assessing the mechanisms of horizontal and internal control (transparency toward the public, complaints management, accountability)
  • dissemination of findings in two reports. The detailed investigation methodology and reports were reviewed by a panel of Romanian and foreign experts.

The project concept won the Global Integrity Impact Challenge 2009 Award.

September 2010 saw the launch of the first report titled ‘National Energy Regulating Body (ANRE) – A Detailed Evaluation’, accompanied by an abridged version focused on public policy conclusions, ‘The Proposal One Cannot Refuse: Restore ANRE’s Powers for Good Governance’. The debate was attended by ANRE representatives, representatives of companies in the field and members of the press. A second report was launched during the first quarter of 2011.

For the future, we would like to carry on this initiative, with the financial support of the energy industry, thereby ensuring it is represented in a balanced manner.

Financed by the Partnership for Transparency Fund.

Implementation period: 2009-2011.

Read more details here, as well as further details about SAR’s second evaluation.

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