Coalition for a Clean Parliament – European Elections (2007)


In order to increase the level of accountability of Romanian candidates to the European Parliament we aimed to inform their constituencies on the possible negative aspects of a candidate’s background in accordance to the criteria established by the civil society, and ask the public to cast an informed vote. Also, we aimed at creating an internal mechanism for integrity assessment and monitoring within the major political parties so that they dismiss members with issues of integrity on their own initiative.


  • To increase the level of personal accountability among top politicians towards their constituencies by informing the public on the possible negative aspects of a candidates’ background, in accordance to the criteria established by the civil society, so that the public will be able to cast an informed vote;
  • Help entrenching in the public mind a set of clear minimal standards of political integrity in societies where the tradition in this respect is weak, by publishing them through mass-media and internet;
  • Prevent the access to the European Parliament of Romanian candidates who do not fit a set of minimal criteria of political integrity by advising the voters not to vote such candidates.


1. Form a network of capable and credible NGOs and local media journalists, and a system of bottom-up information gathering and checking on politicians personal track record;

2. Establish a set of objective and minimal criteria of personal integrity in politics: regarding for example conflicts of interests while in office; unexplained wealth (based on the official declarations of assets and income); collaboration with the Communist secret police; repeated party migration to stay in office etc.

3. Publicize the criteria well in advance and encourage parties to adopt them voluntarily in order to reduce the negative exposure during the campaign; discuss individual cases of candidates with the parties’ leadership and help them establish an appeal mechanism for those candidates who do not match the integrity criteria;

4. Prepare lists of “morally unfit” candidates, by constituency, and make them public through websites and the media.

Members of the Coalition for a Clean Parliament – European elections 2007

  • Advocacy Academy
  • Civic Alliance
  • Pro Democracy Association
  • Center for Independent Journalism
  • Freedom House Romania
  • Group for Social Dialogue
  • Romanian Academic Society
  • Timisoara Association

Financed by: CEETrust

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