The Coalition for a Clean Parliament 2008 (2008)

The scope of the project was to resume the monitoring of the political scene, given the changes in the electoral system, as well as the evolution of the political scene in the past few years, but achieved through a new methodology this time.

It is not sufficient that a candidate fulfills a set of integrity criteria, it is mandatory that in their position as a civil servant they follow public interest and observe the law. Upon the occasion of the November 2008 Parliamentary Elections, the Coalition employed a set of tools which would best capture this perspective:

  • Monitoring political transits, defined as a multiply occurring change of party (to/from more than two parties)
  • Monitoring the manner in which members of the Romanian Parliament between 2004 and 2008 voted on a series of laws which the Coalition considers very important for the complex of the law.

The results of these two monitoring processes were published on the Romania Curata website, which became a resource-website for the anti-corruption effort for this campaign.

Partners: Academia de Advocacy, Alianţa Civică, Asociaţia Profesională pentru Educaţie şi Cercetare, Asociaţia Revoluţionarilor fără Privilegii, Asociaţia Societatea pentru Justiţie (So-Just), Asociaţia 21 Decembrie, Blocul Naţional al Revoluţionarilor, Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent, Centrul Euroregional pentru Democraţie, Freedom House România, Grupul pentru Dialog Social, Grupul pentru Reformă Universitară, Fundaţia Gheorghe Ursu, Iniţiativa pentru o Justiţie Curată, Societatea Academică din România, Societatea Timişoara.

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