2-3.06.2009: Regional Conference “Building a Fair and Reliable Judiciary”

Between June 2-3, 2009, Freedom House Romania and SAR organized the Building a Fair and Reliable Judiciary regional conference in Bucharest. The conference, funded by the Black Sea Trust, brought together judges from Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, to discuss the problems of the legal system, as well as possible solutions, with their counterparts in the U.S., Germany, France and other countries with a functional legal system. The conference triggered a debate on equal terms and best practice solutions were shared among the judges who took part in the conference. The program offered all its 30-35 participants the opportunity to share their concerns and debate the best solutions – such as lessons learned during the preparation period for the accession of Romania and Bulgaria into the EU – and discuss possible steps which need to be taken in order to continue reforming the legal system. The event, which lasted two days, included separate panels that focused on two distinct fields: Jurisprudence Unification, a Guide to Sentences and Legal Consistency, the Responsibility and Independence of the Judicial System in Democratic Societies and the Court Administration Reform.

Funded by the Black Sea Trust and the French Embassy

Implemented in June 2009

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