The „I-voting (internet voting) 2019” debate, or how well would electronic voting work for Romania

WP_20160629_008On June 29th, SAR, along with several representatives of NGOs and the media, took part in the „I-voting (internet voting) 2019” debate, hosted at the European Parliament at the initiative of EMP Monica Macovei. Speakers included Dorin Fleşeriu, Europeans Throughout The World (ETTW); Marie-Hélène Boulanger, DG JUST; Jordi Barrat Esteve, Rovira i Virgili University; Dr. Mike Summers, Smartmatic; Jonas Udris, Scytl, as well as other experts in the area of elections.

The main discussion topics were tied to the necessity and the success of internet voting systems, analyzing the cases of Estonia and France, as well as the technical aspects of their functioning. Although the issue of security dominated the questions addressed from the audience, SAR drew attention to the fact that the main risk for an i-voting system might not come from the electronic component, but from the human one. Ultimately, it is the authorities that will administer the voting system, whichever that may be, therefore it was convened that great care must be taken to ensure the good faith and integrity of civil servants and government agencies that would handle the data, collect the votes, and announce the results.

In April 2015, SAR hosted a separate debate on long-distance voting, the conclusions of which are available here.

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