Education For Europe – A competitive education for a competitive society (2006-2007)

Romania’s Perspectives on Lisbon Agenda. A Human Development Approach

In the last fifteen years, the experience of the Romanian education and research was gloomy. There is no surprise that the national level performance indicators are disappointingly low, the discontent within the branch of educators is significant and the experts in the field are skeptical about the future.

During the 15 years of transition, new opinions and directions came up in the reform, oscillating between different models, but without a clear and consensual vision on the final product. It lacked a wide debate on how the Romanian system of research and education should look like in the context of the swift changes of the global economy. A system in a permanent crisis under the siege of globalization is not able to build the knowledge base the Lisbon Agenda refers to. How should the education and research system look like when considering the limits imposed by the economical development of Romania?

The Romanian Academic Society (SAR) will conduct an exercise of analysis and reflection on the perspectives of education and research in Romania involving several prominent personalities alongside SAR’s board of directors and experts. This exercise will take place during the next two years, aiming to create a ten years plan which can be a part of/or a source of inspiration for the national strategy needed to accomplish the Lisbon Agenda objectives.

A project financed by the British Embassy.


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