ANTICORRP’s closing event: How does the Romanian media talk about corruption?

On 28 February 2017, the Romanian Academic Society organized the closing event of the ANTICORRP project, entitled “How does the Romanian media talk about corruption?”
The event featured the main findings from ANTICORRP’s Work Package 6 „Media and Corruption” whose research purpose was to analyse quantitatively and qualitatively the manner in which corruption is reflected in the media, what trends emerge in corruption coverage and how are they related with international and national strategies against corruption. In addition, it offered the first assessment on the media’s vulnerability to corruption, explaining under what circumstances the media can play its expected role of bolstering normative constraints.

The main topics of discussion were the following:
1. How does the written press (România Liberă, Jurnalul Național, Libertatea, Ziarul Financiar) cover the topic of corruption?
2. What are the words most frequently associated with corruption in Romania? What are the main differences in the way each newspaper covers corruption?
3. What can we learn from the project’s case studies and what are the roles which journalists adopt in covering corruption?
4. The elephant in the room: the presence of undercover agents in the press.

The consolidated research report can be accessed here
The reports on the statistical analysis can be accessed here
The case studies report can be accessed here

The participants were mainly members of various media outlets that had a direct interest in the results of this work package. Some journalists were particularly interested in the results of the statistical analysis on how the media reflects corruption related stories involving particular political figures.

The ANTICORRP project is financed through the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and it aims to investigate and explain the factors that promote or halt the development of effective and impartial anticorruption policies.

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