Commissioner Ciolos: Workforce migration is a right, not a favour

627x0Workforce migration inside the European Union is a right guaranteed by the EU Treaty, not some favor made to Romania, Bulgaria or any other member state, European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos declared during the debate occasioned by the launch of SAR’s 2014 Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report. The event took place on Friday, April 4 2014, at the headquarters of the European Commission representation in Romania.

‘This is the position of the European Commission, namely that this is a right, not some favor, so we no longer have to provide apologies for Romanians going to work in Italy or Spain,’ said Ciolos.

He mentioned that there are two million job vacancies in the European Union that justify even worker migration. Moreover, surveys indicate that 56 per cent of Europeans believe the free movement of workers is the EU’s main achievement.

External workforce in a member state creates wellbeing and does not affect the wellbeing of locals. Migrants are, generally, neither retirees, nor do they suffer from health problems or are unable to work. Generally speaking, they are job seekers that contribute to the social security system of the host country and take up vacancies.

The event was also attended by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (SAR President), Liviu Voinea (Minister Delegate for the Budget), Leonard Orban (former European Commissioner), Lucian Albu (member of the Romanian Academy),  Lucian Isar (Economic Analyst), Cristian Pârvan (Association of Romanian Businesspeople), and Bogdan Hossu (President of Cartel Alfa Trade Union), as well as authors of the report: Răzvan Orășanu, Mădălina Doroftei, Raluca Pop, and Victoria Stoiciu.


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