Increased transparency in managing EU funds and RAS’s contribution (continued)

As a result of RAS’s presence as a full member of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Program Grand Infrastructure, under the coordination of the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds and Public Administration (MDRAPFE), the public now has access to the minutes of all the sub-groups which operate within this structure. These contain not only the members’ reactions to the evolution of the program’s implementation, but also misgivings, counterarguments and suggestions for improvement.

Up until this moment, the minutes – a valuable source of information for all EU funds enthusiasts – of each sub-committee operating within this operational program were not available on the Ministry’s website. Following RAS’s suggestion, all notes pertaining to the discussions on the management of EU funds in the transportation, energy and environment sectors are now available for inspection by the public. The sub-committees comprise the following stakeholders: DG REGIO, members of the public administration in charge of the program, public entities whose activities are related to the aforementioned sectors, public companies as well as the business, NGO and banking sectors. The Monitoring Committee has a strategic decision-making role in the program’s implementation, approving and/or rejecting changes or adaptations in its structure, level of funding, orientation and it evaluates the evolution of its implementation and the attainment of its objectives. Furthermore, among others, it oversees and approves the program’s Annual Implementation Report, its evaluation plan and communication strategy, and/or any modification pertaining to the program itself.

We would like to thank the Directorate-General European Programs Great Infrastructure within MDRAPFE for its promptness in responding to RAS’s request.

The minutes (in Romanian) can be accessed here (select “Monitorizare”)

RAS is also a full member in other monitoring committees, i.e. to the Operational Program Human Capital and Operational Program Competitiveness. In this sense, RAS remains committed to its objective of increasing the level of transparency of public administration by actively participating and suggesting actions in this direction, but also to monitoring tthe efficient allocation of European and national resources and suggesting improvements if the need arises.

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