RAS among first NGOs to register in the Interest Transparency Common Registry (ITCR)

RAS is among the first NGOs in Romania to register in the Interest Transparency Common Registry (ITCR). The ITCR is essentially a lobby registry where businesses, civil society entities and government officials voluntarily make their policy interactions public.

Our profile (in Romanian) can be seen here

This platform, initiated and administered by the Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, is present in the 2016-2020 National Anticorruption Strategy as a corruption prevention measure aiming at improving institutional and decision-making transparency. ITCR’s goal is to improve the overall quality of public policies (meaning not only Government Decisions, Ordinances, draft laws, but also financing schemes, strategies etc.) initiated not only by state institutions, but also those emanating from outside the governmental sector. In addition, it strives to foster greater accountability from state officials and improve citizens’ monitoring possibilities and, ultimately, their participation in the decision-making process.

Most importantly, it does not seek to annul Law 52/2003 on decision-making transparency and law: policymakers will still be obliged to organize consultations on draft laws and regulations.

The ITCR mechanism is based on a data gathering online platform which registers face to face meetings between policymakers and specialized groups. The subject, participants, date and time of these meetings are published on the platform which also provides that law and policy makers’ make their agendas public.

The law and policy makers group includes, for the moment: Prime-Minister, PM’s Chancellery head, Government’s General Secretary, ministers, state secretaries, dignitaries working in central public administration structures subordinated to the executive.

The specialized group includes: entities with legal personality, associations, foundations, federations, religious organizations, unions, business organizations, Chambers of Commerce, local public administration associations, self-employed persons, individual or family undertakings, private or associated legal practices, professional partnerships with or without legal personality.

At present, ITCR functions on the basis of a Government approved, non-binding Memorandum (in Romanian), but the medium term hope is that it will be modified and receive a binding legal status under the next government.

More information (in Romanian) about ICTR can be read here and here

The platform is available (in Romanian) at www.ruti.gov.ro


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