SAR analysts contributed to the volume “The Anticorruption Report, vol. l: Within European Borders”

image_previewSAR’s public policy analysts, Valentina Dimulescu, Raluca Pop and Madalina Doroftei, contributed to the collective volume “The Anticorruption Report, vol. l: Within European Borders” – which has been launched during the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference on September 6- with a chapter entitled “Bottom of the Heap. The Case of Romania”. The chapter investigates what is the proportion of EU funds which can reasonably be considered at risk because of mismanagement and corruption, points out what are the main defrauding tactics used at national level to illicitly obtain European money and evaluates the extent to which the suspension and/or cancelling of EU assistance is the best policy to handle this type of situation. In addition, the report puts forward a list of recommendations aimed at mitigating the effects of corruption and mismanagement – which result in a waste of public resources – for the next EU funds programming period. The volume also contains contributions from scholars from University College London, Gothenburg University, University of Cambridge, Hertie School of Governance, and the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

This policy brief is part of the ANTICORRP Project (“Anti-corruption Policies Revisited: Global Trends and European Responses to the Challenge of Corruption”),  2012-2017, implemented by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) with the financial support of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme.

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