SAR released report on “Quality Assurance in Basic Education in South Eastern Europe”


At a time when the topic of redesigning the educational system in Romania is more relevant than ever, on January 22, SAR released the final report from the international research project “Quality Assurance in Basic Education in South Eastern Europe. What works in our region? “. Nine researchers from seven countries, coordinated by SAR experts have explored the reasons for the underperformance of the quality assurance systems of elementary and secondary education (grades 1-8/9) from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. The study employed an original methodology, namely the development of an index of effectiveness of quality assurance systems. The authors investigated why students in our region consistently achieve below average results in standardized international tests, provided that the whole institutional architecture – ministry inspectorates, school boards, quality assurance agencies – has the stated mission of assuring quality in education.

The event was attended by two of the authors of the report, Corina Murafa and Claudiu Ivan, the Minister of Education – Remus Pricopie, SAR President – Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Ana Maria Sandi – Expert in the field of educational policies, Solomon Marcus- member of the Romanian Academy and 60 experts and stakeholders.

Download the report here.

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