SAR Representative Participated in the Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges

SAR was represented by Mr. Cristi Danilet (Member of Superior Council of Magistracy, Romania) at the Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges. The two-day forum took place in Tirana, Albania, on 13 – 14 November 2014, and was co-organized by the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI), the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), and the Ministry of State on Local Issues of Albania and the Southeast Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI). The event aimed at fostering civil society – state dialogue in identifying effective measures to prevent corruption.

The first day event, Monitoring Corruption and Anti-corruption in Southeast Europe: Policy Challenges and the Role of Civil Society, was dedicated to the findings of the Regional Anti-Corruption Report and the National Corruption Assessment Reports for nine countries in Southeast Europe, as well as on specific ideas for countering corruption on a regional scale. Please download the presentations from the first day event here.

The second day event, Preventing Corruption by Assessing Its Risks, targeted at boosting countries’ efforts for corruption risks identification and mitigation in decision making process. The Conference recommended for use the developed by RAI and RCC Methodology on Anti-corruption Risk Assessment of Laws, adopted the 10 Ten Principles of Effective Corruption Proofing as an international standard in this field and recommended corruption risk assessment as a corruption preventive tool. For more information, please see Recommendations of the Regional Conference Preventing Corruption by Assessing Its Risks.

Mr. Danilet held a presentation on the EU Accession Process and Anti-corruption Challenges for Romania. He presented the history of corruption investigation, explaining that until 2006 the Ministry of Justice had its own secret service, used to obtain information even of the private life of the judges, information that could be misused. Before the accession, the EU built pressure on the country for achieving results in fighting corruption. Read more about the presentation here.

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