SAR representative participated in the SELDI Policy Advocacy Workshop

conferinta IstanbulPublic policy researcher, Valentina Dimulescu, represented SAR in the regional conference entitled “SELDI Policy Advocacy Workshop: Improving Governance in Southeast Europe: a Civil Society Update and New Public-Private Partnership Solutions”, which took place in Istanbul on June 20, 2014.

During the workshop, the SELDI partners presented and discussed the preliminary findings of the regional Corruption Monitoring System and the national Corruption Assessment Reports carried out in nine countries in 2014. The discussion focused on the most pressing governance challenges in the region and on finding innovative public-private partnership solutions. Attendees witnessed first hand the results of the unique regional Corruption Monitoring System, which provides an overview of anti-corruption progress in Southeast Europe in the period 2001 – 2014.

Ms. Valentina Dimulescu presented the results of a recent SAR study on the situation of EU funds and the financial consequances of mismanagement and corruption in this field. Of particular importance for the audience was her description of the anticorruption and advocacy strategy used by the Coalition for a Clean Parliament in the 2004 local and parliamentary elections. This particular approach was cited in the 2006 Anticorruption in Transition 3 World Bank handbookand as an example of good practice. Also, it was adopted by other countries in the region and implemented with different levels of success. 

Read more about the SELDI Policy Advocacy Workshop here.

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