SAR supports the protests against the cyanide mining project at Rosia Montana

rosia montana_protestThe Romanian Academic Society supports the protests against the mining project at Rosia Montana and considers that the Ponta government broke its electoral promises to transparency and consultation when approving the project.

About 5000 protesters marched in Bucharest on Sunday, from University Square towards the government headquarters. Protests have also spread to other cities.

Last week the government approved a draft law enabling Rosia Montana Gold Corporation to use cyanide in order to mine hundreds of tons of gold and silver. The project has been pending approval for many years due to environmental protection disputes. The Parliament is expected to vote on the law lather this month.

The Rosia Montana Gold Corporation company is controlled by the Canadian firm Gabriel Resources, which owns 80.7 percent of its shares. The investor will have to pay the Romanian Government a royalty of 6 percent of the production’s value, according to a draft of the Agreement between the Government, Gabriel Resources and Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC).

Prime Minister Victor Ponta strongly opposed the project before he took power in May last year. However, he supported the draft law enabling the mine, only to tell the media that he would vote against the project in parliament.

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  1. Avocat says:

    Sper ca natiunea romana sa poata stopa interesele pesonale a unora si sa duca la o evolutie normala si benefica pentru tara.

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