Clean Schools: State Capture in Public Education

The project “State Capture in Public Education” plans to pilot in Romania a novel strategy to address corruption in general and institutional capture in particular in accessing public resources in the primary and secondary education sector in 3 counties. The aim is to monitor and measure open and fair access to educational public resources versus their capture by private interests with the resulting discrimination, privilege and sub-optimal delivery. Moreover, it seeks to consolidate the capacity of local watchdog groups and to promote the empowerment of local public service consumers by supporting them in gathering data, interpret the findings and provide administrative and policy feedback and/or proposals to minimize instances of capture. This project will focus on 3 Romanian counties (Bacau, Constanta and Vrancea).

General objective:
Consolidate the capacity of local (non)institutionalized civil society groups to monitor local governance in terms of transparency, efficiency and integrity.

Specific objectives:

Specific objective 1:
Develop the capacity of 3 civil society representatives, 6 journalists and 15 representatives of high school student bodies to systematically monitor the transparency and impartiality of resource allocation and management at the local level in educational service-delivery facilities (high schools) in 3 Romanian counties, through training activities.

Specific objective 2:
Increase the level of engagement of 24 local direct public service users (consumers) through citizen audits in 3 counties so as to counteract mismanagement and state capture tendencies and improve public service delivery in selected high schools over a period of 18 months.

Specific objective 3:
Increase the general level of civic engagement in the targeted communities by creating a pilot online rating and feedback platform for the high schools in question

Project partners:

The Civic Resource Centre

Duration: November 2017 – May 2019

Funded by: Open Society Foundations

Budget: 80,000 USD

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